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Von tiny,

Dear community members,

We are happy to release to you Version 1.2 of T9A rules!
As you know, V 1.2 has been under construction for some time. There is a lot of material to go through to discover all the changes that are scattered here and there. Although the bases are unchanged with the same spirit as before, the combined modifications represent together a significant change and will require some adaptation, which we expect to be quick.

A number of people have asked: why change? We like 1.1, couldn't we settle in on 1.1 and make that the standard for T9A going forward?
In short, we are making changes to the game because we believe it is in the best interests of the players that the project reaches its maturity. T9A is still improving through trial and error and will need to adjust until we reach 2.0. Version 1.2 represents the steeper step: we believe most of the "major" changes to the main rule book are presented in version 1.2. With respect to 2.0, we expect any changes in the rulebook from 1.2 to 2.0 to be mostly cosmetic in nature. After reaching 2.0, we expect the core rules to be frozen for some years.

To create a framework for us to create a war game with its own identity that is still a mass ranked fantasy battle game that is turn based, includes stats and dice rolls and includes various phases, such as movement, shooting, magic and close combat we need to make certain changes to the base structure and we feel that this version of the game is placing it on a healthy path that we believe is necessary for the longevity and well-being of the project.

We hope that, once you overcome the resistance to change natural to most of us, you will embrace the new rules and progressively come to appreciate the benefits they bring, all the more that they will give you the taste of what your game will look like in the coming years – with some refinement still needed.

If you want to learn more about the rulebook changes, and in particular about the army composition and the magic paths, a good place to start is the special release of the T9A scroll prepared by Blonde Beer. Because there are indeed quite a few changes in the main rule book. Also provided are updated army book changes that modify all the army books to be compliant with the updated main rule book.
Please note that the changes to the army books is NOT the rework for each army book. The individual army books have only been updated to be compatible with the 1.2 rules. So each army book is going to be subject to the rework to include fluff-driven rules starting with the Warriors of the Dark Gods scheduled for release early in 2017.

We certainly don't expect that the 1.2 rules will be perfect on the first try. Actually, the changes have effectively created a new beta period for the T9A. This means that the period between the release of 1.2 and the release of 1.3 is for testing and community feedback. The game needs to be tested extensively and we need to receive your feedback. You will be invited to do so in the coming days and months.

So please, become familiar with 1.2. Test it, play it and give us your feedback. Thank you very much for helping us to make the game better!

The 9th Age team.

If you find spelling misstakes or other oversights please report them here:
Error Reports version 1.2.0
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