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Von Arturius,

Good morning!

If you just woke up and are still wondering - yes, it's true!
The 9th Age Team has released version 1.2 books yesterday - if you haven't heard I encourage you to check our previous announcement. CLICK!

And if you are having your morning coffee now we have more good news - thanks to efforts of our Tool Support group you can now build your roosters in Battlescribe.
Almost all army-files are completed and already available under the same repository are previous files.

What does that mean?
Well, basically that you just need to launch Battlescribe app, enjoy your coffee and it will update automatically. :thumbup:
Just remember that due to completely changed gamesystem your old saved roosters will not work - I recommend you print them, and then try to recreate using new rules.

With plenty of new categories across all books we had to somewhat change the methods of building your roosters.
And because of that @Karanadon prepared a special video tutorial: (thanks!)

Special thanks also go to @PETREOPATROKLOS, who found the way to code the new army composition rules into gamesystem file. :hat:

If you are not a Battlescribe user and are wondering what this message is about you can find relevant information in this thread:
Battlescribe Files
Please also leave all feedback and report errors in that topic.

If your favourite army is not yet updated to v.1.2 please give us some more time - we are still coding tirelessly. :girlworking:

Have fun with listbuilding! :)

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