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Von Blonde Beer,

Dear community,

After the hectic period between V1.0 and V1.3 we understand that many of you want to have a period of stability to play the game, and build new armies.
Therefore we are going to freeze the rules until the release of Version 2.0.

We have 3 simple reasons for this:
1. This gives everyone in the community a change to catch up, and play the game for a longer stable period than the last 6 months.
2. It also gives our design teams the time to work on version 2.0 and the new army books without distraction.
3. The rules are stable for a number of large tournaments so people can prepare.

This means:

No changes in the current full basic rule book until at the earliest the month of August.
No changes in the current army books until at the earliest the month of August.
No changes to the magic paths until at the earliest the month of August.

What can happen in the meantime is:

1. We release beta tests of certain rules we want the community to test before the release of version 2.0.
2. Additional background and art material.
3. We release compendium material for the game.
4. If a pressing problem is found with a rule it might be handled by a FAQ/Errata.
Please realize that these are possibilities, not promises.

We hope as the 9th Age staff that this period of rest will be well received by the community.
Please give your feedback and results of your games in 1.3 on the forum, we are slowly reaching the point where we will freeze the game for an even longer period of time, and the ACS members of your army forums are gathering your feedback in combination with the members of the data team to help the designers improve the game even further.

I have opened this topic here for you ask your questions about the freeze and for us to answer!

You can also watch this video for more information:
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