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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von tiny,

This is a sneak peek on the WIP (work in progress) document for the first version (alpha 1.0) of The 9th Age.

A few things has changes since the first sneak peek. First and foremost,
the 9th age is no longer solely made by the authors of the Swedish Comp
System. Instead, we are now collaborating with creators of ETC army
composition (both past and present), trying to utilize knowledge from
two of the most popular 8th edition comp system (SCS and ETC comp).
Please note that the inclusion of ETC comp creators does not mean ETC
itself is behind the project or has anything to do with it (that is for
the future).

Since we want to have a playable first version
released before ETC (8th August), we deemed it impossible to update all
needed parts of the game in time. Instead, we have chosen to focus on a
few parts, and leave the rest for future releases. For army books, we
did a similar approach, and have decided to give two army book proper
updates, and only change the most pressing issues with the rest.
Hopefully this will give people a general idea of were we are heading in
the next months.

Included in the alpha version will be the following:
- General principles
- Magic phase
- Line of sight (and cover)
- Terrain
- Special rules
- Scoring and victory points
- Army composition
- Lores of magic (both rulebook and race specific)
- Common magic items
- Beastmen
- Daemons of Chaos

of things are missing from this list (such as war machines, close
combat (attack allocation, steadfast), scenarios, mundane weapons, and
so on), and we intend to add a few more rulebook chapters and army books
with every new version of the 9th age.

The link itself is to
(published) WIP google document. Please note nothing written there is
finalized, and there are lots of things that we are disagreeing on, or
haven't had the time to work on yet. Still, we wanted to share our
progress with you in order to gather feedback and check if we are on the
right track. Feel free to comment on both specific rules and on the
whole concept and design approach.

The Rules

/Erik, with the 9th age authors

the google document "publishing tool" messed up the formatting a bit,
hopefully the final product will look better. If everything works as it
should, any edits we do in our WIP document will show up in the link
above, so keep an eye on the document to see our progress.
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