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Von Calisson,

Hi, T9A fans.
Your Company Newsletter is usually about new models. This one is quite unusual, as it deals with tools to make your games more fluid and enjoyable.
And, incredible as it seems, there were no less than four companies all offering one or another of these tools!
Without further ado, here they are.

At home
"Engine of Fate T9A Combat Simulation Tool"

Are you looking to create better army lists and win more often?

The Engine of Fate T9A Combat Simulation Tool allows you to pitch two against each other units in virtual battle, simply adding their upgrades, such as armour or magical items. Then immediately get the exact probabilities of all outcomes of the battle, such as the likelihood of winning or losing a combat round, wounds dealt and more.

Try it for Free here: - no signup required.

With the combat simulation tool you can optimize your army list, and make informed strategic and tactical choices when playing, greatly increasing your odds of winning.

You can also design and manage your army lists on for Free.

Sign up for the Free Beta on and dive into the stats, create and manage army lists online, and become a better player!

From home to tournament
"Phobos Foundry miniature carrying bag"

I'm pleased to say that the 9th Age Special edition of the ShapeShift Overlord bag is now available for purchase.

Trimmed in red and adorned with the 9th Age logo, here's a special version of the bag that can handle carrying all your miniatures. You can get it from our store:

If you would like to know more about the ShapeShift system, please check out our main website which includes a review by Oncebitten360:

To make sure rules are well respected during movement phase
"MovementTray spacing tool"

I call this little glowing thing The Tool!

It will help you have the correct spacing between your units. And you can place it at the corner of your movement tray at the start of the movement phase, so you are sure where your unit started off in case you want to redo your move.

The Tool! will hit the webshop pretty soon. So stay tuned!


The Tool? or would you rather call that "No Man's Land"? or "The Handy Helper"?

Last, to get your faction god's favors during combat phase:

"Labmasu faction dice"
Good morning dear fans!

Faction dice are in preorder at this link…roller=category&id_lang=5
It is possible choose dice color, engrave color and, where available, a couple of designs!

PLEASE: if you are interested on something on my Store but it is not available or not enough please ask me, we have 2 different stocks (online shop and convention stock).
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