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Von Iluvatar,

Dear all,

Our administration team has activated this week the use of https to access our website.
What does this mean? That your web browsers are now able to identify that you are indeed browsing, and not another website impersonating us; and that communications between the website and you can now be encrypted!
Why is https important? Others say it better than us!

To use this feature, just change "http://" to "https://" in the address bar of your favorite web browser, or visit Once you have visited the address once, most browsers will keep using https for all future visits!
You will probably see a small padlock icon in your address bar showing the increased security, for instance:
  • Firefox:
  • Chrome:
  • Internet Explorer:
In some pages, though, this icon may disappear, or you may see a different icon showing "mixed content" (in Firefox):
This means that some of the contents provided on this page is not secured; most often, it's a matter of correcting a link or image to provide it via https as well. Please report those in the Website Helpdesk so we can correct them!

Note that when switching to https, we had a few minor issues with 3rd party authentication. If you were logging in to the website using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account, you may have been unable to log in; this is corrected now.

If you encounter any issue, please report it in the Website Helpdesk so we can provide you support as soon as possible.

Iluvatar, on behalf of the admin team
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