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Von Blonde Beer,

Whats an Åsklander? wrote:

The Åsklander is a fighter to be feared: strengthened by harsh living and long hunts through the forest, each man and maiden of our people is skilled with axe or bow and born to raiding.
Greetings everyone,

In the latest 9th Scroll we released the first of the Auxiliary lists for the 9th Age, in the form of the Barbarian/Viking themed Åsklanders.
For those who have missed the latest scroll though (read it here) an Auxiliary list is an alternative mini army book, giving you different options to play around with on the battlefield of the 9th Age that you can use in combination with the regular army books.
The Åsklanders are the first of these, but won't be the last, so keep checking the 9th Scroll for future releases!

For those who want an easier way to acces this mini book though, we have a separate download now for everyone to use and play with!

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