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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von tiny,


I am happy to announce that the alpha version of the 9th age is finally finished. The release consists of 4 documents, the rulebook, magic lores, a balance patch and the beastmen armybook.

The rulebook is far from completed. We started with the most important parts to update (magic, line of sight, victory points etc), but lots of stuff in need of updating are not included yet (cannons, steadfast, etc). These parts are to be included in future versions, and most of our efforts in the immediate future will be directed towards finishing this document.

Magic lores, basically just an extension of the rulebook, made into a separate document to make it easier to find what you are looking for (rules document was getting very long).

Balance patch, a list of ~10 changes for each armybook, designed to get armies reasonably balanced (with focus on overperforming units). These are to be considered temporary solutions until the armies gets a proper remake. Changes are kept to a minimum and we try to not overcomplicate things.

Beastmen. A single armybook was chosen to showcase what we intend to do to all armybooks.

Why are we releasing an unfinished version of the 9th age? For several reasons, most notably:
- We want to show the community that things are happening and that warhammer is not dead.
- We want feedback. We are not looking at creating a game for ourselves, our ultimate goal is to have the 9th age as a widely accepted version of warhammer. Therefore we need to know if we are on the right track or not. This alpha version should show roughly the direction we are considering.

What happens in the future?
Based on feedback on the alpha version, work on a more complete beta version will begin. The current thinking is to focus on finishing the rulebook and release a complete rulebook as the "beta" version of the 9th age. After this, the work on updating armybooks will begin until all armybooks have gotten a proper update.

Most of the members of the writing team will be at ETC the coming days (I'll be back home aug 11th). While there, we will try to gather feedback and spread the word. Our ability of answering questions on the forums will probably be pretty limited though (not that it have been that great before this either, our focus has been on finishing the alpha version before the ETC). We will do our best to read comments and answer questions, but I can't promise anything.

Want to help? For now, the most helpful thing you can do is help spreading the 9th age. Like our facebook page (not much to see there atm though), post on other forums, do the Twitter thing etc.

So, without further ado, we proudly present to you: "the 9th Age" ALPHA release!
The Rules

The 9th Age - Rules - v0.1:
In this document you will find both new and updated rules, replacing both the general rules as well as army specific rules. Before each chapter, a short description will tell you how to apply the chapter in relation to the 8th edition rulebook

The 9th Age - Balance - v0.1:
This document is intended to be used alongside the 9th age rules document, as a way to address the most glaring balance issues (additional composition might be needed on top of this to get a truly balanced game).

The 9th Age - Lores - v0.1:
In this section all magic lores, both the 8 common lores known as 'battle magic' and the race specific lores are updated. These rules replace pages 164-171 in the rulebook, as well as all lores rules in army books.

The 9th Age - Beastmen- v0.1:
The first adapted army book.

/Erik with co-authors
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