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Von Blonde Beer,

The 9th Age Community is more than just the forum... with players from all over the world, you can expect to find a ton of 9th Age Goodness all over the internet. This page will help you find a number of links to those.

(Since I am only mortal, I'm certainly forgetting a few, please send me a pm if you want something added.
-Blonde Beer)

Official T9A Social Media:

9th Age twitter
Facebook open group
Youtube channel

Supported Community Sites:

The 9th Wiki, a community wiki dedicated to the background of the 9th Age.
9th Age Clubs listing

Facebook pages/Social Media:

9th Age Belgium
9th Age Netherlands
The official French T9A Facebook page.
Team Sweden 9th Age
Team Belgium 9th Age
Team Luxembourg 9th Age
Dawi Zhar 9th Age9th Age Australia
9th Age Western Australia
9th Age New Zealand
9th Age UK
East Coast Warriors
9th Age Scottish Wildlings
9th Age Belarus
9th Age Russia

9th Age Alberta
9th Age Houston
9th Age Midwest
9th Age Trade and Sell North America
9th Age Arizona
9th Age Ontario
9th Age Northern California
9th Age Southern California
9th Age North Georgia
9th Age South Louisiana
9th Age Western Region
9th Age GT Circuit Club

9th Age Castellano
9th Age Germany
9th Age Denmark
9th Age Italy
9th Age Brussels
9th Age Czech Republic
9th Age Detroit

9th Age Greenskins
9th Age Druchii
9th Age Ogres


Axel Vicious Hobby Blog
Bleak Legion Blog
Court of the Damned
SmithF Battle Reports
Vespacians hobby blog
XIII Legion Dragonlist - List Design, Tactics, Battle Reports

Fantasy Wargaming Podcast
Madgit Radio
Renegades Ramble
SlannRat Radio
ThunderCocks Podcast
Wargamer Project


Casamar Fantasy Battles
Dark Wizard Gaming
Evershade Gaming
Games in the Attic
Grimbold Blackhammer
Green Dragon Gaming
Mad At
Math ces dés (French)
Morgan Treeman
Official T9A Youtube Channel
Orange Road
PTG Proxy Tabletop Gaming
Skaven in AZ
WarBox Gaming
Wargaming on the Balcony
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