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Von Blonde Beer,

The 9th Age Community is more than just the forum... with players from all over the world, you can expect to find a ton of 9th Age Goodness all over the internet. This page will help you find a number of links to those.

(Since we are only mortal, we are certainly forgetting a few, please send us a pm if you want something added.
-Blonde Beer and Just_Flo)

Official T9A Social Media:

9th Age twitter
Facebook open group
Youtube channel

Supported Community Sites:

The 9th Wiki, a community wiki dedicated to the background of the 9th Age.
9th Age Clubs listing

Facebook pages/Social Media:

Army specific Pages and Groups:
Dread Elves 9th Age Druchii[/b]
Empire of Sonnstahl: Empire of Sonnstahl 9th Age | Facebook
Infernal Dwarves:
Dawi Zhar 9th Age
Kingdom of Equitaine: The 9th Age-Kingdom of Equitaine | Facebook
Orcs and Goblins: 9th Age Greenskins
Ogre Khans: 9th Age Ogres
Undying Dynasties:

Country specific Pages and Groups:

Australia: 9th Age Australia and 9th Age Western Australia

Belgium: 9th Age Belgium and Team Belgium 9th Age and 9th Age Brussels

Canada: 9th Age Alberta and 9th Age Ontario

Czech Republik: 9th Age Czech Republic

Denmark:9th Age Denmark

France: The official French T9A Facebook page and Le 9e Âge - France | Facebook

Germany: Fantasy Battles:The 9th Age Germany and 9th Age Community Deutschland

Italy: 9th Age Italy

Luxemburg: Team Luxembourg 9th Age

Netherlands: 9th Age Netherlands

New Zealand: 9th Age New Zealand

Poland: The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles POLSKA (T9A PL) | Facebook

Russia: 9th Age Russia

Sweden: Team Sweden 9th Age

United Kingdome: 9th Age UK and 9th Age Scottish Wildlings

United States of America:
9th Age Detroit and 9th Age Houston

9th Age GT Circuit Club and 9th Age Trade and Sell North America and East Coast Warriors and 9th Age Western Region

9th Age Arizona and 9th Age Northern California and 9th Age Southern California and 9th Age North Georgia and 9th Age South Louisiana

The Great Lakes League

Discords of potential interest:
Clashing Roundabout: /home of the clashing roundabout online tourney series)

Fading Flames: (online league ebtries regularly possible)

Universal Battles 2: Discord of the online gameing program Universal Battles 2)

USA ETC: (hub for many englishspeaking online tourneys)

Warhall: (Discord of the online T9A gameing program Warhall)

WTC: (home of the WTC)

T9A- FR (hub for many frenchspeaking online tourneys)

T9A D-A-CH Verein: (a meeting point for austrian, german and swiss splayers)

T9A -Germany: T9A (german hub for T9A)

T9A Bayern: (bavarian Hub for T9A and home of Bayerns beste Buam)

Country specific external Boards:

Austria: 9th Age - Die Festung

Denmark: Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age (

France: AW - Le 9e Âge (T9A) - Warhammer Forum (

Germany: The 9th Age - TabletopWelt and The 9th Age -

Poland: Border Princes - Wykaz forów (

Russia: Warhammer Fantasy Battles The 9th Age | VK

Country specific Discords:
to be added soon.


Axel Vicious Hobby Blog
Bleak Legion Blog
Court of the Damned
SmithF Battle Reports
Vespacians hobby blog
XIII Legion Dragonlist - List Design, Tactics, Battle Reports

Bradley's Chat • A podcast on Anchor
Fantasy Wargaming Podcast
Madgit Radio
Midtable Menaces
Renegades Ramble
SlannRat Radioob
ThunderCocks Podcast
Wargamer Project
The Paired Weapon Podcast

Team Italy
lagge_t9a - Twitch
t9afi - Twitch
youngs3ward - Twitch
t9ainbavaria - Twitch

english speaking:

Alexander Schmidt
Ammertime Podcast
An Amateurs Adventure - Battle Reports - YouTube
Casamar Fantasy Battles
Captain of the Rings
Dark Wizard Gaming
Dingos Hammer
Ehakir Soulreaver
Evershade Gaming
Glory of Golden State Gameing
Grimbold Blackhammer
Green Dragon Gaming
KTF Gaming
iron dice tabletop
Italy 9th Age
Jobadiah Christiansen
Kroxigor Battles
NOLA Wargaming
Mad At
Miscast Gaming
Morgan Treeman
Official T9A Youtube Channel
Ontario 9th Age
Orange Road
PTG Proxy Tabletop Gaming
Ravening Reports
Skaven in AZ
Tabletop Order
The Cavalier's Tale
The Hat Rack
The MiniWarGeek - YouTube
T9A in Bavaria - YouTube
Ugly Death
Veil of the Ages
WarBox Gaming
Wardog Tabletop Gaming
Wargaming on the Balcony
WarHub CWB
Watch these dices!
Wor Geordie's Wafter - YouTube
Youngseward - YouTube

french speaking:
Blackwood - YouTube
Les Généraux de Salon
Mate ces dés!
Mystic Gamers
Schilo - YouTube

german speaking:
Arnadils Fantastische Geschichten
Fap Hammer
Mett & Meta a Wargaming "Podcast"
Tabletop Eagles
T9A in Bayern

russian speaking:

spanish speaking:
El canal de Sigmarcito
Erk and Ork
Guardi Hammer
Perrunillas Voladoras - YouTube
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