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Von Blonde Beer,

We are very happy to release todays big update to the Warriors of the Dark Gods!
While we talked about the changers earlier (see post here) for the updated Warriors of the Dark Gods release, we want to give you these “patch notes” today accompanying the release itself. You can find the link to the download of the new book at the end of today’s news post, but first, some more explanations about the changes.


Since we split from Daemons we were allowed to make Favors more unique and fitting to army. All but one favor was changed, but we left Pride to have a benchmark from previous version. Most of them are obvious to what they want to achieve. We have noted what role we wanted to emphasize.

Envy – charge and flank
Focus on mobility. Very difficult to find the right power balance for devastating charge. We judged that +1 AP was fitting.

Gluttony – strong in big units – strong against chaff
A long time, we considered ways to make this a power, that raised hit points. But it was almost impossible to balance. Most importantly, we wanted the favor to provide some flavor in the grinding department. We feel this have been done now. Place these guys at the front and let the opponent chaff them… they don’t mind. More to eat! Add a spiked shield, salt and pepper and they should be able to supply themselves.

Greed - versatility
Weapon master had been a big wish from many players in our community. The Lord can add some extra bling to his collection, and he can now become a beast – although not a cheap one. Greed flavor should be obvious.

Lust - avoidance
We couldn’t fix the general rule to make everything able to flee. It would be too powerful, or we would need to take away some of the army defining rules.. but we are stubborn in this regard, and wanted to do our best to make the whole concept work. Instead we have added the flee option for lust. With the added benefit of feigned flight, strider and cold blooded on rally roles. No half measures here!

Pride – leadership independence
Most popular mark currently. It fits our T9A fluff. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Sloth - grinding
Was a bit too passive in th eyes of the community. We added some mobility to the favor and made the power a bit less powerful. Pretty simple fix, with more or less the same flavor.

Wrath - glasscannon
Pure glass cannon. With +1 agi and lightning reflexes, these fellas rival the fastest of fastest troops out there. Slaughter is guaranteed. We wanted this to be ultra-offensive, so to give it enough oomph, we had to add a downside. This is typically hated, but we hope you will like the flavor. We promise blood!

Favors on warriors and knights:
Several ideas were discussed: Banner that gave favors, one use only favors. In the end, it was decided to add the option for favors in a simple way. ACS, as representatives of the community fought hard to have an option for a Chosen champion,

Army rules

Path of the favored and Hell forged armor – these two go hand in hand.
  • Loss of extra supporting attacks
  • Loss of reroll break test
  • Regain rank bonus
  • Change from +1 discipline to +1 CS on challenges. The bonus is gained even if te challenge isn’t accepted.
  • Rerolls march testThe above changes might be where we fear reactions of the community the most:
    the loss of additional supporting attack on the warriors and warrior knights and the change from reroll break tests to march tests.
    All in all, this could look like a net loss from earlier. But these changes can’t be seen isolated:
  • Option for favors on warriors and warrior knights
  • 3 supporting attacks on chosen. We needed to remove the extra supporting attack to gain access to favors on warriors. Also, we have opted to make the units more mobile and having reroll for march test and will no longer reroll break test. We wanted to make the challenge mechanics less situational, and we think this ‘feels’ rights.
    As a result of this we see a lot of changes here. Normal warriors with no favors are now a bit cheaper and can be 30 models per units. This should also help with the grinding aspect of the unit.
    We know this will probably mean that BSB will be mandatory in most armies.

    Veil walker + Hellfire
    We needed to strengthen the ‘big devastating’ spells. WDG no longer use soul tokens, but veil tokens instead (see the reckoning). This should help us get more spells through. Also, all our damaging spells can now be boosted, so magic is an actual alternative to shooting. By making Hellfire usable in combat, we hope it can provide enough of a buff in combat, to weigh up the lack of buffing power that this army provides as a whole.

    The hereditary spell might have been the rule that has taken the most time to get right. There are still some doubts if this is the right way but we need chaff clearing and we need big devastating spells. This spell provides a bit of both. We can’t get everything through a hereditary spell, but we actually tried to find a concept, that both provided debuffing and damage, but it became too powerful.

    The Reckoning
    The most important issue with this was to make it powerful enough to make sure the opponent thinks twice before mowing down your warriors from afar. The change to veil tokens made the rule stronger and also much less complex, as we don’t have to juggle two different mechanics at once. The radius have been increased, so the use of the reckoning has less of an impact on army compositions.
    The reckoning is now optional on casters (they can take it with through special equipment), so we can now have a simple ‘normal’ wizard at a decent price.

    Spiked shield
    We wanted to provide something to the WDG armory. We also wanted HW/S to be more potent, so we decided on creating a unique shield.
    We were thinking of making it an item that helped defensively (maybe only first turn), but ended up with making sure that units with a shield was a bigger threat than currently. It doesn’t add a load of extra wounds, but we hope we have found the right balance.

    Special equipment

    Symbol of Slaughter
    Simple change, and especially for the Feldrak Ancestor, this should be a welcome buff.

    Thrice-forged (old Spines of spite)
    Simple easy access to good armor. The stomp part has been moved to War Dais, as we thought it made for more variable army compositions. A minus is that the armor won’t be as good on a Chosen lord with wings.

    Gladiator Shield
    It was seen as a bit boring before. Now you might think twice before automatically equipping your Lord with a GW.

    Icon of the Infinite
    More range was wanted by the community, and Hereditary spell was seem as obvious.

    Banner of the void
    Protection from shooting was needed in the eyes of the community, and this should help!

    Ledger of Souls
    The Reckoning is a more powerful rule now, and this item should make more playstyles possible.

    Immortal Gauntlets
    Simple change to veil tokens.

    Lord of the Damned
    Longer range, less restricted use.

    Wyrd Stone
    Better use now for all hero builds, including dragons


    Exalted Herald
    We wanted him to be able to give his inspiring presence in a wider area. Also, we wanted to improve the fighting aspect for the Herald. A lot of discussions has been about spell selection.

    Chosen Lord
    We considered buffing his discipline. It was on the table at one time, but it was decided to test if the army could work without the lord having inspire duty. We saw it as more important to make the independence work, than trying to fix things through others options, that aren’t the intention for the army in the long run.
    Entropic aura was modified to avoid possible exploits on dragon only.
    There was a fear that the sloth favor was to powerfull on this Lord, but instead of changing the Sloth Favor itself, we added a few rule-exceptions on this Lord.
    There are also a few changes on the point costs for the mounts on Sloth Lords.
    Lastly – we wanted to add the Shadow chaser as a mount for the lord, but it was simply seen as too powerful to be allowed at this time.

    Doom Lord
    Several options have been considered. Spiked shield should help for several builds. In the end, it was decided that the Doom lord didn’t need much to work as intended. It should be mostly about point cost. A design note regarding the fella is, that the Chosen lord should be kept overall more powerful.

    Magic items allowance for the general have been increased. This should make the discipline crown easier accessible for example. War dais added for better infantry option, and apprentice added to offer cheaper builds. A lot of thought have been put into magic in general. Read about veil walker, the reckoning and hereditary spell for more info about this.

    Barbarian Chief
    Black steed added. A troublesome entry, because of different speed than barbarian horsemen, but we think we made a fitting solution.

    War Dais
    We switched the ‘cannot be stomped’ from spiked armor to War Dais. This should allow better equipment distribution and a cheaper Thrice forged (old spiked armor).

    Shadow chaser
    Hard target added. Was first implemented on the special choice, to make them less vulnerable. Added here for background reasons.

    Wasteland Dragon
    Was considered too weak in battle. Offensive and Defensive weapon skill was boosted to compensate.

    Wasteland Behemoth
    Simple name change

    One of the most important entries in the whole book. There have been a lot of discussions about this entry in the community, and the design teams.
    Different ways to make them faster? This wasn’t possible. Even though the army has strength: speed, infantry armies aren’t meant to be particularly fast. Favors can add some of the requested speed in different ways, so hopefully the option for favors, will compensate a bit for the lack of speed. On the other hand, we consider our chaff and chaff clearing in the army to be stronger now, so this should help overall.

    The unit have been regarded as having difficulty with actually winning combats. They aren’t seen as resilient enough, and the number of maximum models in a units was too low for longer combats. As a result we have set the maximum number to 30 and 20 for favored warriors to help with this.
    Spiked shield have been added to make hand weapon/shield a better option. This will add some needed oomph to the hitting power of those builds.

    Warrior knights
    Was regarded as having too little grinding power. Spiked shield added to help a bit here. Also, a chosen champion and possible favors provides some good options to make them more hard hitting. We also wanted to emphasize the army strength "speed", and part of this had to be about knights. Nothing about the old knights felt particularly fast compared to other knights. We discussed if they could be core or any other different ways to show army strength "speed". In the end we simply added 1 to ADV. This looks so simple on paper, but design wise it was difficult to find the right balance that didn't take anything special from other armies and still gave enough of an edge.

    Warrior chariot
    We felt that favors weren’t needed for this entry. We wanted to keep it simple. The chosen chariot is there for that purpose.

    3 supporting attacks. This should help in the close combat department, and really puts the C in chosen. Warriors lost additional supporting attacks but gained favors. The extra supporting attack keeps the feel of the two units differentiated, and chosen are now very elite and we are happy with the final result.

    Chosen knights
    A very difficult entry. They needed to have the spiked shield available but without it being too powerful. The solution to make spiked shield not provide armor on large cavalry seems less than optimal, and it will probably be a feature we will keep a keen eye on.

    Chosen chariot
    We changed it to fit the rest of the army a bit better. Adding a pinch of movement and the most popular weapon to the crew. More of a middle ground than either paired or great weapons.

    The hotfix already did wonders for this unit. Spiked shield can be awesome on these models.

    Wretched Ones (small name change)
    Added a slight increase to their weaponskill. Just to give them a tiny bit more staying power. We hope the rest can be fixed by finding the right price for them.

    Huge changes for this entrée. We wanted to make it work more like a wizard with some extra blasting potential. Also we wanted it to really be the icon for collecting souls, and a model that the opponent can’t ignore. It can also do some automatic house cleaning towards enemy chaff, which is sorely missed currently. With added hereditary spell and a spell through being wizard apprentice, it should be able to provide some needed firepower and buffs, while going about harvesting souls.

    Were seen as too vulnerable. Hard target added. Feigned flight added to provide more uses for the unit. We hope it works now as intended, akaa proper chaff/anti-chaff unit.

    No changes.

    The winged beast was seen to be needed to be added - both for model reasons and for having a good pressure entry. It’s a real glass cannon with stats made for it to hold a unit if it charges it in the flank, or kill a Wizard in a bunker. We wanted to keep the beast as cheap as possible and it had to be similair to the mount to fit the WDG background. Agility 4 was seen as important to be a thread to every army. It also has low baseline stats for a beast to keep the price down, and by keeping the beast relative low key, it have been possible to allow the none-winged to be in special category.

    Marauding Giant
    The giant wizard was missed by our community, and as a result is back now.

    Hell Maw
    The most important thing was to make lists with only one Hell Maw viable. Optional extra gateways added for this reason. There were some alterations to its statline to keep it within a reasonable price. In addition we added a shooting like optiuon to give alternative usability, and play in different parts of the game.

We are not releasing the Full Army Book with the new rules yet... we want to take the time first to get feedback on the Slim Army Book to find the last errors before updating the bigger brother!

In addition to updating the warriors of the dark gods armybook, we are also releasing a cleaned up version of all other slim books. No rules changes. Just layout.
Blue and green text has been reverted to black, and all strike-thought text removed.
We will also release the Italian version of the WDG book within the next 24 hours.

These, and the new warriors of the dark gods book can be found under the beta rules tab. Link below:

Or you can use the following file:

Feedback can be given here.
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