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Von Blonde Beer,

For todays news we have just a few tasty tidbits from our content team members and others to keep you occupied on this Friday.

First up is a video for our Italian WDG players created by our own @piteglio showcasing a preview for the Italian version of the WDG book.

Then we have some new members in our content team!
@PTG - Hyper-G has released a few things for everyone to check out.

PTG YouTube Channel
PTG Blog

On the forum:
The Wooden Spoon Cup
PTG's Battle Report Post

Then we also have @Satyr Tales as a new member.
His main site is:

And here are the Bat Reps he has posted for 9th Age so far:…e-at-klins-cairn-bat-rep/…nival-of-carnage-bat-rep/…f-bonkweasil-bog-bat-rep/

Then we have @Ptaaq who asked for a shoutout for their new improved style of battle reports:

@Games in the Attic also released a battle report:

@SmithF is still doing his battle reports old school(check it out here).

Talking about old, we also have @GenePhelps representing the Grumpy Elders from Wargamers of the Balcony releasing a battlereport:

In @SkavenInAZ is also pumping out content:

@'Ramsus7814' is showing a game between WDG and HE:

We also have the Vale Renagade release a podcast:

Last, and also least, is my own little Channel, the Orange Road, covering a game between ID and UD:
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