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Von Blonde Beer,

As some of you know from the news last week, T9A was present at Modena Play 2018, which is the largest tabletop gaming convention in Italy. Yes, it's a small convention compared to those in Germany, UK and US, nonetheless it's the most important in Italy, which had 34.000 attendants last year in two days (still waiting for the data of this year, which had also a friday afternoon opening).

Here you can see a video about last year edition that can give you an idea why it's important for this project to be preset at such a convention

While last year we only showcased some apocalyptic battles, this year we were there more prepared. We showcased a two-days siege battle, with a fortress built by @Natsa (the Rock of Terralba), and two characters created for the battle, Pregianni Von Ullsberg (Defensor Terralbae, imperial marshal, based on Pregent de Bidoux) and Manfredi di Lancia, archalean vampire count (based on Manfredi Lancia-Hohenstaufen).

Display Spoiler

(minis painted by @Calehb)

That was not enough. We issued a limited miniature for players participating, with original design by @Crosslances and printed by @Labmasu (which also granted a discount on its webstor to be used by those who took the miniature), based on the archalean character Lucio Malavigna, an idea by @Thorsen

Also @Fireforge Games granted for the participant a free miniature gift.

It has been a great event: we also had one demo table where @Bubonicus from the ADT and @dark lord galax explained the game, a stand with the original art with @Thorsen himself, our art director, talked about T9A with the public; we showcased the professionally printed 1.3 rulebook (by @Pellegrim I think) and the draft of the italian translation, with @piteglio showcasing Universal Battle 2 and talking about the quickstarter, and also @IoRi78 took the chance to have a walk and know the rest of the italian staff.

We had a huge roll up thanks to Thorsen, and a lot of professionally printed posters: our stands were visually overwhelming :D.

It has been a great event we want now to share with the community with the hope more of these advertising, non competitive events can take place to showcase the sides of the hobby different from the competitive events.

Also, I would like to personally thanks all the people that participated and make such an event possible: thank you all!
You can find a number of videos of the event on their facebook page right here.

Last but not least, the photo album:

Special thanks to our Italian Reporter, @VisconteDimezzato!
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