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Von Calisson,

OK, this Supporting Company news is a bit different from the usual ones.
This is why I separated from the other news of today: # Supporting Companies' Newsletter # Magnets, more magnets!

First, it is about a product which is totally free.
As this would not be odd enough, there are additional direct benefits for T9A project if as many players use that tool.

So why is this a Supporting Company news?
Well, it is because JimMorr actually started a company to realize that tool.
With our thanks, here is the announcement:

T9A Magic Flux application has been released to production.
In 1.0.0 version, a function has been added which allows Users to report battle results to The Ninth Age without starting the game, so application can be used as purely reporting tool if you prefer to use real card deck.

App is available for Android users for free from Google Play shop: .

Thank you to all users who tested the app in its beta phase!
___________________________Report your battle results using mobile app: T9A Magic Flux!

If you want to learn more about the App

T9A Magic Flux app had quite a lot of features.
It can be used as
- turn counter,
- timer controlling your game duration
- and of course it can be used to randomly generate Flux Cards.
- Recent feature added is reporting your battle results to Project for statistical balance control.
Until version 1.0.0. you had to start a game and report results either by pressing 'Give up' button or after playing 6 full turns.
In 1.0.0. function to report battle directly from starting screen has been added.

on Starting Screen:


Report battle results 1/4
screen opens
1. Set type of game
2. Adjust game size
3. Set Secondary Objective
4. Set Deployment Type
5. Press NEXT
Report battle results 2/4
screen opens
1. Set Army of Player 1
(Player 1 - player who had 1st
2. Set Army of Player 2
3. Set Battle Points
(without secondary objetives)
4. Set Secondary objective points
5. Set Player 1 MVP
6. Set Player 2 MVP
7. Set Player 2 LVP
8. Set Player 1 LVP
9. Press NEXT
Report battle results 3/4
screen opens
1. Check units Player 1 had in
his army list
2. Press NEXT
Report battle results 4/4
screen opens
1. Check units Player 2 had in
his army list
2. Press NEXT
Data are being transferred to
data server.
Data transfer report
screen opens
1. You can copy report to
Clipboard by pressing button
Useful if there is an error
reported. Please Paste such
errors in the topic
2. Data sending report. If
you see this screen we
have received your data.
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