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Von Blonde Beer,

This weekend we had a massive T9A Tournament, with over 180 players attending in Herford Germany.
Besides having a lot of fun of the tables, thanks to the amazing organization of @Frederick and his friends, there were also a ton of hard fought battles going on between the 36 teams attending.
In the end though, Poland came out on top, with 4 different teams in the Top 4, which is amazing testament of their skill and commitment.

We have a video thanks to @slivek of the Award Ceremony, and we also have a bunch of different places for the curious among us to look at the event in hindsight.

Team Sweden had a lot of stuff going on their facebook page right here.
TG Play, the organizers have the same on their facebook page right here.

The Orange Road also did some live recording at the event right here.
And for our French Followers, you can check Math CD right here.

We want to give a special thanks to all the players who joined up to make this a very cool tournament, and to the TG play guys for running it!
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