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Von Blonde Beer,

Dear Community,

There is good news for those of you who believe that "happiness is only real when shared"! As we get closer to the release of a stable ruleset, I find myself more and more eager to introduce new friends to the hobby. Over the last months I have collected a large amount of feedback from potential new players, trying to understand what keeps them from jumping inside the T9A world as I did. As some can expect, the major offenders are the complexity of the rules, the lack of translated rules, the lack of a local gaming scene, and the money & time needed to play the game or even just try it out! There's enough there to discourage even the bravest.

This is why we are putting a lot of effort in the update of the Quick Starter. Our main game (Fantasy Battle) is incredibly rich and intricate - it's a joy for the veteran to play but it's not always easy to teach to new players. The Quick Starter offers a simplified ruleset, so a new player can spend half a hour reading the basic rules (or watching a YouTube tutorial), choose one of the pre-compiled army lists, and play their first game. Of course, we don't want the game to be too simple and we don't want it to be too different from the full version of Fantasy Battles as we want "veteran" players to be able to give introductory games without getting too confused. We also don't want the game to be too streamlined, because we have 16 factions and we want them to shine!

As you may understand, it is not easy to reach such a redesign target and that's why we are happy to receive help from the Community in writing the rules by refining things here and there. We have polls going on right now (link here) for the choice of the units that should be featured in the QuickStarter, and soon we will open the playtesting to the general public, so everybody can contribute with their experience.

But how do you organize this world-wide, community-based playtesting?

Easy answer: Universal Battle! We use the power of the internet to play with people from all over the world, at any time of the day and of the week, comfortably from your own home, and without paying one single cent. "That's Impossible!" you may say, and you may be inclined to to believe me. Well, sit comfortably, and watch this video! By the way, we said that there is a language barrier to T9A, especially for younger kids, so make sure to tell your friend to activate the subtitles when watching the video: they're available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Hungarian, Serbian, Russian, and Korean - hopefully any errors will be corrected soon.

For those of you who can't watch the video right now, the basic idea is: I asked Lorenzo (the creator of UB) to please upload an army with the QuickStarter Sample lists and rules, and to make it available for some time to Guest users. so you can download UB, log in as Guest (that is, without paying!), look up my army (called Veil of the Ages), and find my models ready for battle - images and rules. this army will probably stay available for free only for a limited amount of time, but my hope is that enough people decide to support UB, to the point that Lorenzo will be happy to keep sharing a free army with the rest of us.

Those of you who feel like helping, can also start thinking of translating the free army into your language. As you see it's a mighty tool to show the game to new people as it only requires a laptop, tablet, or smartphone! Feel free to also help refine the translation of my tutorial videos. If you feel the videos are useful to the community I might do new ones (on creating models in UB, or showing a full QS game).

See you on the forum, see you on the Universal Battlefield!
@piteglio (on T9A forum)

Veil of the Ages (on YouTube)
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