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Von Blonde Beer,

Greetings everyone,

In an effort to make the background and setting of the 9th Age more accessible and centralized, members of the community have been working to set up a wiki dedicated to this task. The front page of the wiki explains it pretty clear:

This fan-made encyclopedia is dedicated to the background and setting (or 'fluff') of the miniature wargame The 9th Age.

It is not a part of The 9th Age project and should not be considered official in any way. The wiki is open for everyone to edit and you are all welcome to contribute to the community.

The purpose of this wiki is to give as close a description of the official background of The 9th Age as possible and make it easily accessible to its players.

The background of The 9th Age is written exclusively with an in-world perspective, where fictional characters record the world around them. Everything written here should, as far as possible, come with citation to these in-world sources and the real-life publications they're from. Because of this, nothing in this wiki can be said to be absolutely certain, just as with any of the published background.

So far the wiki contains about 150 articles so there is already quite a bit to explore. Take some time and browse a little, and should you feel inclined, contribute. As the front page says, the wiki is open for the anyone to edit, so if you spot an error, correct it! If you miss a detail, add it! If you think of an article, write it!

You can find the wiki here!
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