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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von tiny,

A few mistakes has been found so far.
So here is a mini update...
The Rules

The 9th Age - Rules - v0.1:
In this document you will find both new and updated rules, replacing both the general rules as well as army specific rules. Before each chapter, a short description will tell you how to apply the chapter in relation to the 8th edition rulebook

The 9th Age - Balance - v0.1:
This document is intended to be used alongside the 9th age rules document, as a way to address the most glaring balance issues (additional composition might be needed on top of this to get a truly balanced game).

The 9th Age - Lores - v0.1.1:
In this section all magic lores, both the 8 common lores known as 'battle magic' and the race specific lores are updated. These rules replace pages 164-171 in the rulebook, as well as all lores rules in army books.

The 9th Age - Beastmen- v0.1.1:
Beastmen. A single armybook was chosen to showcase what we intend to do to all armybooks.

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