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Von Bugman,

Hello Community,

The Ninth Age is looking for amateur and professional artists to help the project grow!

What is The Ninth Age?
The Ninth Age is a project developed around a miniatures wargame created by hobbyists for hobbyists. The Ninth Age hobby includes wargaming, modelling and, of course, an entire original fantasy setting our volunteer staff is developing.

Our staff is composed of approximately 300 volunteers globally, all of whom offer their help for free. Our community is always growing, with a registered community of more than 14,000 members and an estimated player base twice as large. One of our Team Championship tournaments in Europe last year had 34 national teams participating from as far as away as New Zealand. In order to continue our global growth, volunteers have made translations in several languages, including several European languages as well as Chinese and Korean!

To know more about the project, please read here:

We are now looking for artists willing to help us build and grow our setting through their art! Our Art Teams is lead by a professional artist who offers his help and time for free, just like the rest of the volunteer staff. In addition to this Several miniatures manufacturers have
contributed through donations of their commisioned artwork. This is a great opportunity to build a project fueled by passion alongside other talented artists, writers, and game designers.

If you want to take a look at our past works, please download them here:
(Rulebook 1.3)
(Armybook Sylvan Elves)
(Armybook Undying Dynasties)
(Armybook, Warriors of the Dark Gods).

If you want to join such an adventure made by both professionals and amateurs, please send a brief resume and your portfolio (both files or links are ok) to, and we will soon contact you with a response.
thank you!

See you on the battlefield

The Art Team
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