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Von Bugman,

Hello community,

On the eight day of Christmas Advent, Father Chaos gave us..

As the long night approaches, new creatures pierce the Veil to roam the mortal Realm...

Titanslayer Chariot 0-2 models per army
Large, costruct, 50x100 base

Titanslayer ChariotAdv6”Mar6”Dis8Swiftstride, Fear, Supernal, Fearless, Mountain Breaker
Large, ConstructHP4Def4Res5Arm0Aeg5+
Myrmidon (2)Att1Off5Str4AP1Agi3Devastating Charge (+2 Str, Battle Focus)
Chthonic MachinatorAtt3Off3Str6AP3Agi3Harnessed
ChassisAttOffStr7AP2AgiImpact Hits (D3+1)

Mountain Breaker: Universal Rule.
The model gains +D3” Advance Rate when rolling for Charge Range against units that consist entirely of models with Towering Presence. In
addition, the model’s Impact Hits gain Multiple Wounds (D3, against Towering Presence).


May become a Standard Bearer
May take a Manifestation (one choice only):
Digestive Vomit
Stiff Upper Lip
Segmented Shell
Centipede Legs
Divining Snout

" For infernal reasons known only to itself, this living engine propels its soot-belching way into battle, seeking always the largest and most fearsome enemies. It thrives on the thrill of the charge, building up terrible fuels within its indecipherable construct - made of arcane metals and unnatural technologies - so that it can ram itself as hard as possible into its enormous prey, often dealing crippling blows. It draws excitable, blood-craving smaller daemons who cling to its chassis and aid it in its mission of slaughter."

See you on the Battlefield!

T9A Team
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