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Von Bugman,

Dear community,

We all know those situations in games, the pressure is on, your using your new army, learning all its tips and tricks whilst trying to outwit your opponent, but wait, your concentration slips and before you know it, half the game has gone and you’ve missed out on some vital potentially game winning moves.

Fear not! This might concern the manifestions of the new awesome Legendary Book for the DL more than all the other upgrades and buff/debuffs in remaining books at the moment as the DL are an absolutely new experience for both, the DL players and their opponents, with the nearly endless possibilities combinations enabled for the units you can field or face now.

So it was understandable the community asked for cards to keep track in this context and well, that's what I wanted to deliver you! We, (The Layout Team) decided to give this kind of game aid a try and developed some slim cards with the help of the background team who gave us some fluff snippets to add to the cards to make them even more vivid!

Whilst the design is not finalised yet, we are keeping them in line with all the other cards already available or being worked on for the other factions. That's where you can step in!!.

Please give us feedback on the things you like or dislike for these cards in this thread. Also I want to mention full layouted cards will come at some point, too, but for now we hope you'll enjoy the manifestation slim cards and they'll improve your gaming experience even more.

You can find the cards in the filebase: DL Manifestation Cards

See you on the battlefield of the 9th Age!

Lich King
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