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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

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Von Calisson,

Hi, T9A collectors.
For your pleasure, we welcome a new company, with cool stuff to tease you with - if you like the spicy Dwarves.
No need to present Shieldwolf Miniatures, so the quality of their forest Gobs won't be a surprise.

One regret, though: that's only a wishful future for both.
Presentation of Dancing Yak Miniatures concepts
Dancing Yak Miniatures would like to announce here becoming a Cooperating Company with The 9th Age.
We are making 10mm and 28mm Infernal Dwarves.
Gonna post a few pictures more on fb here (assuming a few is fine as most post have a few).
Our models will be available soon via kickstarter. Please check out our page.
Hope you follow and enjoy as much as we are!

Makers of 10mm and 28mm Infernal Dwarves
Cooperating Company with T9A
Shieldwolf Miniatures next Kickstarter
Hi guys!
So, we'd appreciate an announcement of our next Kickstarter for this February, Forest Goblins and Drotts (Common Goblins) armies, in hard-plastic and resin for the characters.
Below are some teasers we've revealed for the Forest Goblins, more on the Drotts coming (real) soon!

Some of the weaponry on the sprues

Wartoad cavalry
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