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Von Calisson,

If you live in the EU, no change.
If you live outside the EU, you may like that news.
EU VAT for Carrying Boxes dropped for non-EU customers
Regional Pricing!

If you're from outside the European Union we now have 23% lower prices for you! Previously, all our prices included VAT, which is a 23% tax on top of the net price of products.

But since countries outside the EU have their own taxes this created an unfair situation where a customer from e.g. Switzerland had to pay a 23% tax in Poland (which is where Phobos Foundry is located) and then additional tax at home. People from the US had to pay VAT even thought America doesn't have it at all, etc.

Well now I'm a registered exporter of goods and can apply a 0% VAT rate to your purchase if you're not from the EU! The lower prices are also displayed in your currency.

Check it out at:

If your country isn't supported, or the site doesn't work for you, please let me know.

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