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Von Blonde Beer,

Prior to the existence of the Wasteland there was the Great Steppe, sometimes known as the Third Ocean. What is left today is known as the Makhar Steppe, and is all that is left of its western end. The area was populated by largely nomadic groups of men, orcs, beasts and ogres living a nomadic life. The ancestors of today's Makhar lived largely in the central and northern areas.

Welcome to the Makhar. This people live in the vast steppe east of Volskaya. From a design point of view real world inspirations were drawn from Scithians, Parthians, Avars, Huns and Magyars, people who lived on the Eurasia steppe up until approximately 1000AD. It is very important to understand Makhar are not inspired primarily by Mongolians or Mongolian culture, Mongolia is used for the main inspiration of the Ogre Khans. There are of course similarities. As for fantasy inspirations you could say that the most close popular cultural fantasy equivalents are the Dothraki from Game of Thrones.

Designwise this is a fast cavalry horde army - the first of its kind! This is why Makhar Cavalry can have up to 25 models. Furthermore we did follow the legacy of historical things like Parthian Shot and Cataphracts. Overall, it was hard to design an army that gave the enemy the feeling it had enormous numbers, but in reality it did not. These influential armies were historically moving so fast across enemy lands they took everyone by surprise. So while Asklanders have Ambush, Makhar have a lot of Vanguard options.

These nations fought with whole families. This is why we gave the army high minimum Core requirements and gave them quality units in Core while the army has no real elite units at all. This is also low toughness army. These are, after all, mere humans.

For their Battle Fever we kept the old WDG one with reroll 1s on Charge while also getting some nice perks on the Charge. This army is all about the Charge, but it is also about faking a flee as it was known historically, this is why we gave it very strong Bubble Leadership strength to help it rally. This is the first army that can buy Rally Around the Flag on a unit without becoming a BSB. This means this army can field two Rally Around the Flag models in one list!

About their magic. We know that this trio of paths is common with other armies, but we found it fitting best. While we did explore Divination and Druidism, these are the paths:
Pyromancy - associated to the widespread fire/sun worship among the indo-european peoples of the steppe.
Shamanism - worship of nature and strong association with the cult of Ares among the Scythians and Sarmatians for example.
Thaumaturgy - link to the current background where the old Makhar Pantheon has been fully subsumed by the Dark Gods.

This army has herded unit of crazed beasts which are just sent on stampede towards enemy lines, and is a great unit to open up those gunlines of their land robbing neighbor, The Empire of Sonnstahl.

Another fantasy element are Makhar Chariots which are special in a way that not only is there crew in chassis, there are also riders riding both horses that are puling the chassis.

For cherry on top, we made one of the old WDG Forum memes a reality:

We would encourage everyone to play this army and give us feedback. We are introducing something new to the game (cavalry hordes and double Rally Around the Flag) which we would want hands on feedback. From balance point of view this army is designed and priced to be on the level of Asklanders, so mid to low tier, and should be no problem allowing them on the tournaments.

You can find the book in our download section, or just right here:

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