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Von Blonde Beer,

After the Daemon Legions book first pierced the veil, we received a lot of positive feedback from the community, but also we received feedback about the internal balance of the book, especially in the choices that stood out in a positive or negative way.
We have tried to resolve them with this first update, and while the book will receive more changes on the road of getting out of Beta, we hope that the new redesigns and point changes will solve a number of problems already.
Besides the changing of a number of points cost with the help of our questionnaire for the community and our own teams, we also redesigned a bit of the units, in particular the Bloat Flies and the Myrmidons. We didn't just want to improve these units, but we also wanted to bring them closer to their background material, and thus solve 2 problems with one redesign.

One other main change is that we found that the Dominion rule wasn't as coherent and intuitive as we would like to see, so we changed it to that Dominion will effect the Characters that have it, and if they are the general, a unit per turn as well. That was done to amplify the idea that a more powerful daemon can impose his will on the lesser daemons and make them more similar to him.

The last main issue is the unbalance in the character section that has been discussed quite a bit in recent days on the forum, and that there was to much standardization in the lists being played. To help combat this, we tweaked some stats and prices to see if this will inspire more diverse lists in the meta.

Besides work on the DL book, we have also updated the Warriors of the Dark Gods book (correcting some small errors) and the T9A Errata document. You can find all of these in the download section, but for ease of use, they are also linked below:

Daemon Legions:

Warriors of the Dark Gods


We hope the changes to the Daemon Legion book will not only make the DL players happy, but also make their opponents enjoy the diversity of the book book a bit more as well.
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