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Von Calisson,

Dear Community,
Every year on 30th June, we celebrate T9A birthday.

Four years!
Four years only? T9A is so present in our gaming lives, it seems to be much longer.
Four years already? So much remains to be delivered yet...
But let's review this elapsed year, as it has become customary.

In the second half of 2018, the most important activity was the last adjustments to Beta rules before they would become Gold. We were working on the rulebook and the arcane compendium with one goal: to leave these two pillars of the game stable enough to remain unchanged for several years.

Gold was ultimately delivered, on Dec. 21st. An erratum took care of the last typos, and now the rules can be considered frozen, and frozen for many, many years. You may read more explanations about the Gold Edition in a previous news: The 9th Age Proudly Presents - 9th Age Version 2 Ruleset - GOLD EDITION!!!

Army Books
Simultaneously, we were working to release a stable WDG, which had been in Beta seemingly forever already. We're now almost ready to deliver the final Gold version of this first 2nd edition Army Book. Note that it will not be exactly frozen, as the ever evolving balance may justify at times a cautious slight change of a couple of points valuer here and there, but this should not happen very often, and it will not change much if it happens at all. In any case, the background and the superb designs will not change.

At the same time as the Rulebook was being finalized, the Daemon Legions was conceived, which necessitated new artwork and stories – not forgetting the Circling the Abyss supplement delivered at the same time. At the moment, we're at the last step before Gold, and that step will be a very small one.

As this was not enough to cover our creative crave, we made and released the Makhar Supplement to the WDG Army Book, in complement to the already released Åsklanders.

This has been awfully complex to coordinate and deliver in a staged sequence in December and January. We were exhausted, but very proud of the result.

Now we're back to work.
Currently, we're making good progress on the Infernal Dwarves, and we have started to write directives and consider a team for Dread Elves.
A Cultist supplement for DL has been started as well.

Some work seems never to reach an end. The Legendary RB, which complements the Slim Rulebook with pictures and background explanations, has been promised many times and postponed many times. We're sorry for the delay. It is mostly due to a shortage of Artists and Layout professionals, who are in high demand. Progress is made regularly, alas not yet allowing to predict a realistic release date. We want it before the end of the year. Time will tell when we will deliver.

Most of the background has been delivered anyway, in one or another Scroll, and our fans are encouraged to consult Scroll # 12 to see where to find the description of their favorite factions.

Chinese has been added to our translations.
Unfortunately, our Korean translator had to suspend his work for T9A and his language was not updated with Gold 2.0.
All rules are now translated in six languages, and some of the translation teams were even able to deliver a good part of the supplements.
We are very happy to see T9A becoming accessible to so many linguistic communities.

Supplements to the game
Meanwhile, several supplements have been prepared in the shadows, which took many by surprise when delivered, and are now part of our download page:
Scenario supplement; Terrain supplement; Gaming Aid.

Side mini-projects
Side projects are being pursued, one of them being a minigame involving Orcs, which we hope will very soon make its way to your gaming tables. Multiplayer rules adaptations are in development as well.

Other projects seem to have been pushed to the sideways. The Pirate Peril, released in Scroll #10, remains in its initial stage.
The Campaign including a Naval Supplement, which had been started, has been stalled. The idea of a campaign remains, but it is very hard to guess how long it may take before anything is delivered.

Issues 10 to 15 were as successful as the previous ones, and the 16th one has just been released.

Website developments
You have heard for quite a while about a mysterious homepage for a revamped website. It has been released finally, in English, and in several other languages... which are still in progress. We want T9A to be an international game, and while some translated pages are ready, others are still coming.
For the website, we asked the community to provide their own views. Thank you for the replies, which will make soon their way to the new website.

The Community
We strive to interact with our community when possible.
We were pleased to receive some background ideas.
The Community got to name the Goblin Mascot (it was Klepa, who soon escaped and took briefly control of T9A website on April 1st).
Ideas for Cultist AB were asked from the community.

A survey about bases gave us a lot of information about our fan base, which I am happy to detail in the attachment: LINK TO POLL ANALYSIS

We are very satisfied with the interaction with you, the community, and intend to keep asking you some questions whenever there are choices to make which are not obvious.

Community contests
There have been regular contests for the artists in our community:
Art contest I and II, followed by BSB Miniature contest. Golden Sword I and II. Army Icons contest.
Compliments to all participants!

From the Community, there were some superb initiatives in the Homebrew.
Worth to note, the Scenario Supplement has been made as a Homebrew, and made its way to become official!
Among the Army Books which need a special mention, Nippon is ready to be played and is worth tons of praise.
Meanwhile, Grand Companies keeps its steady route with a great effort by many fans, and we wish to see its completion next year.

Close to Background, while the series of Taphrian AB keeps developing, we have seen a lovely effort to discuss, in one thread, the factions around Arctica, and in many threads, all kind of descriptions of Dwarves around the world, yet to be organized in a single entry point.

All this Homebrew effort shows incredible creativity and love for T9A universe. Thank you all who participated.
I am looking forwards to seeing Homebrew developments in areas which are in demand, but the team can't deliver fast enough.

Tournament got a better organised space in the forums.
Spain won ETC – was it really a surprise? Australia organized its first T9A Masters.
2019 WTC OPEN (World Team Championships) happened in Herford (Germany) from 26.-28.04 2019 as an official T9A event.
Now we're in the last stages of preparing the yearly ETC. A good opportunity to meet many prominent T9A staff!

Supporting Companies
Supporting companies took ever more initiatives to help T9A.
A new derivative game, Veil of the Ages, has been released by Piteglio, aiming to be a super-easy introduction to the game.
For those who like hard copies, printed SLIM Rulebook 2.0, Arcane Compendium and Armybooks are now available at Amazon.
Many wait for the Legendary RB to be printed in high quality hard copies by JimMorr, unfortunately he has to wait like everyone for the Legendary RB to be finished first. His patience has been severely challenged, but he is still with us, and we all hope he will deliver ultimately a superb product.

T9A organisation
The ExB delivered a written statement on how they intend to rule us all, I mean, to deliver the desired T9A experience.
This is part of our desire to make our work transparent to you, the community, who are our main stakeholder.

During the past year, a group of audacious consultants investigated our teams about the way we produce AB. They found out sources of improvement, and elaborated a new process which not only should be more rewarding for the teams, but moreover would deliver faster the wanted new AB. The first AB to be produced will be ID. The next one will be DE. The following one is not decided yet.
If I may comment, the outcome will be faster as designed, but only when we fully master the process, which will only happen after a slow and prudent start.

Meanwhile, we established a new “project management” structure. Time will tell if it helps to get done the multiple initiative we see sprouting regularly with less regular results.

On the manpower side, we found regularly ourselves very short in art and layout. Unfortunately it affects all our production.

Final note, the budget should become a bit more transparent. Not that we had a lot to hide, but rather it was hard to get our initial accountant to report the little he had.

For the number nerds out there, and for the record, the forum statistics are the following:
We have now 15,216 members, 1664 more than last year, the growth slows but still a growth.
5 948 threads started this year, half of last year; they totaled 203 904 posts, a bit more posts per thread.
124 News articles were made, another decrease from previous years.

When we compare to similar statistics of last year: The third year of T9A in review, it is clear that the activity keeps running, but at slower pace.
Hopefully, it means that our community spends more time playing and less time discussing.

That's all for this year.
A new year starts now, with a new homepage. It will see not only the delivery of our Legendary Rulebook, but also new Army Books made according to a new process, which we hope to become progressively faster - and more fun -, and many supplements.

Now, enough reading, it is high time to go back to playing T9A!

On behalf of the Executive Board.
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