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Von Blonde Beer,

My Queen,

During my last correspondence several key individuals were mentioned and since that time your Eyes have continued to observe and seek additional information on the members of this Citadel.

For the moment their territory has not expanded but their wealth and influence over other Citadels appears to be growing. We have long thought that the Infernal Lords are attempting to connect the multitude of Citadels by these steel roads, but we have seen increased connections to this growing network that all lead to this Citadel, an open projection of power and influence.

Despite the outward projection of power, Overlord Emgies has been making fewer public appearances as of late. Rumors abound with the frequent appearance of Windelov, who is supposedly a healer of sorts, as to who is attending to official state matters and if any executive contract has been compromised.

The ingenuity of this Citadel is something to marvel, despite the horror that such advancement can inflict upon the world if it’s pursuit of technology is left unchecked. The fire pits and forges seem to be burning day and night with no regard to slaves and vassals which tend them.

All manner of steal behemoths, though clearly experimental and prone to frequent explosions, have been seen tested on these steel roads. Engineer Gomio has also been busy perfecting mass production of smaller weaponry and arms. It has been said should you ever encounter and capture any Infernal Dwarf alive that you thoroughly check them over after disarming them of larger weapons because might carry small explosive devices that are easily concealed.

We recently managed to get a peek into the enterprises of another rising star within the Citadel’s clergy structure but at great cost. An entire network of informants was killed and rounded up and killed by Subjugator Squigkikka, but not before the sons and daughters of these traitors were beheaded and their heads put-on display in front their cages. We regrettably even lost three of your Eye handlers in the round up. Some sort of new explosive device generating a debilitating gas was used. Getting a hold of this new compound to try on our own bastard kin would make your men’s sacrifice an honorable one.

All we know is that WhammeWhamme, a clergy man of Nezibkesh, has continued research into the great Inferno and its surrounding toxic lands. Parts of the now collapsed network were simple vassals forced to endure work and hardship toiling away assisting with endless experiments around this great source of endless conflagration. Unfortunately, with the discovery of this network of informants, and the Code of Kemurab swiftly enforced, security has grown even more vigilant if that is even possible. Fortunate for coin loving hobgoblin marks, rumors are starting to circulate that Subjugator Squigkikka may have retired on a high note having broken this spy ring and is off to greener pastures. I find these rumors hard to swallow given the tenacity with which his role was carried out and given a brief respite, he will no doubt grow bored and return to active duty.

Still while the hobgoblins hold the most freedom of all vassals and usually provide the most penetration into orders of business, we have also learned that a small population of human vassals might prove useful and less costly in the long run due to, shall we say, greater ease with subterfuge. Perhaps in time, additional information can be gleaned on members still out of Eye’s sight.

We will continue to monitor this citadel’s technological advancements and though unlikely, ensure that any bartering for slaves with our dreaded kin doesn’t culminate with sharing of weapons technology.

The truth shall make you free,
Watcher 117
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