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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

Across every corner of the world, wherever mortal hearts seek the promise of power through transgression, the immortal word of the Dark Gods can be heard to whisper in mortal ears.Fallen Heroes and barbarians might turn to the Dark Gods as a group, but there is a greater source of converts - and a greater threat to mortal order-that lies within civilisation's very walls.

These are the heretics, the iconoclasts, the apostates: those who have turned against the gods and kings of their land, forsaking their own people to embrace a new family, forming a brotherhood that the pious call a Cult. Unlike those other servants of the Dark Gods - the Warriors, whose Pact they often facilitate - Cults do not seek power for themselves, but only for their unholy masters. Operating clandestine networks within the hearts of great nations and empires, they form a league of dissidents who have pledged to aid the schemes of the Dark Gods, to support the eternal quest to tear down the foundations of the Mortal Realm, laying it bare to the desecration of the Daemon Legions.

This is the first supplement for the DL Legendary book. Within you can play dastardly Cultists summoning dark powers from beyond the Veil. While it's still in BETA, you can download the file right here to try out!
So start Friday the 13th with a bang, and check it out under the full moon!

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