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Von Blonde Beer,

Hey everyone,

We promised a long break between updating the main books (the "Freeze") but we also promised to do yearly updates as well to keep the game fresh.

The time for that update has come, but we are doing things a bit different than usual.
We decided to split the release in 2 parts to help us with releasing these updates without driving our layout guys completely crazy.
You can expect the rest of the books (and an update to the Magic Spells and Basic Magical Equipment) close after this release.

The updated books for this update are:
Undying Dynasties
Warriors of the Dark Gods
Vampire Covenant
Sylvan Elves
Kingdom of Equitaine
Infernal Dwarfs
Dwarven Holds

Supplement Lists:

All the changes have been focused on only changing points (and leave the rule changes to the Full Army Books) with a few exceptions, where we felt that just changing points was not enough to improve internal and external balance between the books.

Changing the points was done in a new way as well, were we combined the results we got from our Tournament Support team, External Experts, community surveys, and our data team, and used this with our internal new algorithm to change the points, before the Rules Team went over it as well as final check. Point changes were done in a conservative way following this new algorithm,with the main focus on being to weaken the top armies slightly, and improve the lower armies a bit. This means the decreases stack on the increases for the armies that are lower tiered to help center the external balance between the books again.

This also means that this update is way more "data" driven than before, but we also want to give the community a chance to look at the updates, play with them, and give feedback before we "freeze" the rules gain.
As a result we will gather the community feedback through our Army Community Support team members in the forum, analyze the feedback, and the Rules Team will then work on & finalize and then release the final update for the next year with the help of this feedback.

We are aware that certain problems could be solved in a different way than the current version, especially with the rule changes, and we had your Army Community Support members reach out in these last days to us to give feedback already, but we want to give the community overall a change to help gather feedback as well as mentioned above. Therefore after the release of all the books we will setup surveys for gathering the feedback, as well as the written feedback from all the different Army Community Support team before finalizing the points.

So, give the books a look, play some games, and see if you can find any new cool combinations, or units to try out, and inform your Army Community Support member about what you like, and what you didn't like.
A small addendum is that we are very close to having all books be done in the new layout style, powered by “LateX” meaning we will be able to update the books easier and faster in the future.

With regards,

The T9A staff
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