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Von Blonde Beer,

The KOE ACS members are having a fun contest in their community! It goes as follows:

Dear Lords and Ladies,

The king has demanded that all able-bodied Lords of Equitaine present their coats of arms and heraldries so that the strength of our land may be measured! Paint a shield with your own heraldry using whatever medium you desire (miniature form, on canvas, watercolor, lego-brick, painted onto an actual shield... the choice is yours). However your heraldry should draw inspiration and lineage from the following list of Late Equitainian Royalty and their corresponding coats of arms. Once complete, upload it and show it to everyone, foes and allies! If you can write a short story about your coat of arms, why it bears the symbols it bears etc. that’s even better.

There is one more thing to mention, at the end of October your ACS members will judge all entries and the best two coats of arms will receive their choice of two brand new miniatures for your army. A 5th Edition Games-Workshop King Louen miniature or a brand new Lubart Miniatures damsel on Unicorn! (Second place will receive whichever mini 1st place did not choose). Shipping will be free as well. In addition to the awesome prizes there is a chance your story or artwork may end up in the full KOE Army book one day!

You can find the topic right here to find out more!
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