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Von Grimbold Blackhammer,

Hey everyone,

It’s “release Thursday” and we’re excited to say part 2 of our annual update is here!

The updated books for this update are:
The Arcane Compendium
Beast Herds
Dread Elves
Empire of Sonnstahl
Highborn Elves
Ogre Khans
Orcs & Goblins
Saurian Ancients
Vermin Swarm

The Daemon Legions army book is the only one that wasn't updated but it is in its own beta as it moves towards GOLD status; we hope to have more updates on that coming soon too. To download the latest rules for your army, click here!

For more detail on how we made the adjustments, check out last Thursday’s notes found here. But we want to stress these adjustments are all in BETA! In our never-ending quest to make the best miniature wargame, we want all of you to hit the gaming tables, roll some dice, and let us know what you like and also what you don’t like. The 9th Age is only as terrific as it is because of the feedback we get from all of you! So head over to our forums and feel free to share because, if you have any praise or constructive criticism, our Army Community Support Team is listening!!

We hope you all enjoy this update. Happy gaming!
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