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Von Blonde Beer,

“Lords and Ladies of Equitaine, after the presentation of shields, King Henry has chosen two loyal Knights to join the royal court! Congratulations are in order!”

1st place:
@Chevalier Rouergue2 for his lovely hand painted shield in a traditional Equitainian style! (I’ll be sending over a PM shortly to get your choice of miniature as well as your shipping address)

2nd Place:
@Sabious for his unique heraldry presented on both Banner and Shields. A Majority of the ACS team were also very inspired by the background of your lord and that played a large part in their voting. (Once @Chevalier Rouergue2 decides which miniature he’d like I’ll send you a PM to announce what you’ve won and get your address)

Finally, although there is no prize, the voting was close so I think it’s important to give credit to @HKYUGOK for his excellent piece of Avrasian heraldry.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who participated, and keep your eyes peeled for even more contests, giveaways and fun as we head towards the new year!
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