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Von Grimbold Blackhammer,

Good news everybody! In our quest to give you guys the best and most balanced game we can, we've finished this year's beta with a last set of minor updates. Only army books moved up to version 2.2 were lucky enough to be affected but we also snuck in some balance to the Daemon Legions and to the Arcane Compendium as well.

The recent beta phase is, with this update, coming to an end. Now prices are locked for a year (except Daemon Legions and new books to be released).

Thanks for feedback. Short beta phase was a success, allowed much good feedback and further tweaking of prices based on it.

One design change occurred to the Essence of the Free Mind. It used to allow very strong rock-paper-scissor game, without the drawbacks that such builds usually comes with (i.e. sometimes you chose rock against paper). Now it still increases flexibility of the caster, but now at the cost of peak power.
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