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Von Shako,

Hi all fans.
As you know, we have been working on ID for quite a while now.
Many of you are impatient to see the result delivered, and we have received quite a few requests for information (See here for more about the christmas-spoiler-action!)
For instance, one of these questions related to the churches of the infernal dwarves - and what game effects these have on units.
The questions were addressed to the LAB team, and someone found the time to reply!


Questions wrote:

Can you tell us about the churches of the infernal dwarves and what game effects these have on units?
The prophets cry out to the gods from their ziggurats, tell us what makes them unique now. How do their temples work and what benefits do they get?

Zhantas Little Helper wrote:

Hello fellow Chosen of Ashuruk,

I have good and bad news for you.
First the good: I've sent the first batch of questions straight to Zhanta Claws.
He immediately replied to all your questions, and sent his answers to the LAB-Team.

The bad news: Unfortunately some marauders intercepted those letters and run away with them. So I was sent to hunt them down, they didn't get far. I could recover most of the letters, some are lost. Of course I kept one letter as a payment, I'm not a charity after all.
And of you did opt to send me some slaves, so I'll just leave this letter here...
Attached was a second letter, delivered here below without the smell.

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

Ho! Ho! Ho!

While no Infernal dwarf can deny the power of the gods and most worship them regularly, there are no direct effects for most soldiers through their beliefs. However, the wizards of the Infernal Dwarves are no mere spellcrafters, they're the Voices, the Prophets of the gods and each of them belongs to one of the four churches of our society.

The Voices of Ashuruk praise his magical abilities. Their spellcasting will be enhanced, not in power but in versatility. The qualities of eachof their paths will come easy to them, regardless of which they chose to focus on.

Praise Shamut, God of War! His Prophets lead by example. You'll never see any of his servants in the second row of a battleline. Most of his priests travel on 4 legs and rush alongside the holy warrior-police of Shamut into the fray. Those most favoured of his followers even ride his holy symbol into battle: A mighty flying bull of Shamut.

Glory to Nezibkesh, father of our enormous industry. His Prophets are the finest of engineers. Of course there is no doubt that the Infernal Dwarves are the greatest at the combining of magic and mechanical crafting. As such it is only normal that his priests take care of the weapons and are able to assist not only static machinery but mobile weapon teams, as well as our mighty infusions of Kadim and artillery.

Last but not least, the newest of our gods, who tricked his way into the pantheon and our hearts: Lugar! His followers are the responsible for deals with Kadim, striking favourable contracts. Any Prophet worth his steel will have the power of Kadim available to them. They forgo armour and prefer to move more freely and cunningly, trusting in their god for protection. They are also known to mount an apparition not yet seen beyond our borders.
If you wish to discuss this news, you're welcome to do it by clicking here!

A big thanks to the LAB team for this exciting spoiler and their work!
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