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Von Shako,

Merry Christmas to every one of you and your loved ones!

Recently the first letter from Zhanta Claws regarding the latest spoilers about the current ID-LAB has been found.
Click here if you haven't read it yet.

Now, since it is Christmas day, he brought us another letter!

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

Thousands of tons of armour and guns
Making it's way through the blasted lands
Our Infernal Engines are back for revenge
Moving Artillery sweeping the land

The upkeep of our battalion is immense
hardly any Citadel can afford this expense
Right now our brothers in battle try them in pairs
but the enemy is causing wears and tears
For the Overlords they're quite pleasable
judgment is still out whether two are feasible
for the next couple of days, a new letter will be opened. Another question or two will be anwered.
You'll able to read them here or for more info visit Zhanta Claws thread here:…-christmas-tale/&pageNo=2

or the discussion thread here:…ostID=1325901#post1325901

A big thanks to the LAB-team, not only for putting the time and effort in creating an awesome book (and it is going to be awesome!) but also for making these spoilers possible.
Thanks: @Gomio, @Fthunder, @WhammeWhamme, @Niedfaru, @Snarkhunter, @Odoamar, @Emgies, @Tyranno, @Eisenheinrich.

Have fun and enjoy the holidays !

Disclaimer: Zhanta Claws isn't official background. This is just a fun way to do spoilers. Help Zhanta Claws becoming real by starting a petition in your local Citadel.
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