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Von Shako,

Happy Boxing Day !

It's the second day of Christmas, this means Zhanta Claws brought us yet another letter!
Some people gift little pets, and while Zhanta Claws wouldn't dare to describe these creatures as pets, they have more than 2 legs at least:

The question:

Maelstorm wrote:

In these hollowed times my thoughts did wander
on magical beasts found over yonder,
So ´d thought I´d ask of you
What will happen to our Lammassu?
Will it carry prophets high
Or may it alone take to the sky?
Will it´s inquisitive nature and mood
translate into rules, complex or crude?
May the slaves always serve and the fire always burn,
I have asked my question, now answer in turn.

Zhanta's answer:

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

I hear your question and answer in return
a rhyme for a rhyme, else I'd burn.
The Lamassu remains a stout ally
it will continue to roam the sky
Not leashed like a mere mount
Acceptance on eye level is of paramount
An innitiate of magic on its side
as a student, a helper, a guide.

It's nature, rather peaceful and calm
but if threatened, it act's without qualm
Not just a friend but a teacher to us
any path of magic we can discuss
Quick thinking, shying no riddle
it will weave it's magic in secret and fiddle

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or the discussion thread here:…ostID=1325901#post1325901

Have fun and enjoy the holidays !

Disclaimer: Zhanta Claws isn't official background. This is just a fun way to do spoilers. Help Zhanta Claws becoming real by starting a petition in your local Citadel.
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