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Von Shako,

Hello everyone,

today you thought you'd just get "yet another spoiler from the ID LAB"? You'd be wrong! Today Zhanta Claws is bringing you two!

I hope your boxed are unpacked and you're having fun with your toys!
As Zhanta Claws is very material, today he's answering questions in regards to equipment.

Question wrote:

Hail zhanta claws
Plate in core
Will we see less or more?

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

Ours is the greatest and wealthiest of nations, and all our warriors are clad in armor unmatched by those of lesser races.

Question wrote:

We speak of the regents among the elect, the Overlord, we know that their treasures have no equal among our citizens. What will be their uncommon equipment options? Will the Onyx hammer still be there for him?

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

No Overlord leaves his Citadel without his whole Arsenal carried for him.
Hundreds of weapons with every enchantment imaginable is at their disposal to chose from.
The famous Onyx Core has been reforged, its basic principals kept but finetuned.

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Hail Zhanta Claws!

Disclaimer: Zhanta Claws is not part of the official background, anything spoilered by him is subject to change during the LAB work. Start a petition in your next Citadel to help Zhanta Claws become real.
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