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Von Shako,

Hello everyone,

In some regions it's already the last day of the year, thus time for Zhanta Claws to finish his work for now and move on till the next time. (Which might happen before next Christmas, who knows?).

Question wrote:

In the wells and mines it is commented between whispers that the slaves can take equipment to their masters but that they can be a little clumsy, as it is expressed in the rules?

Zhanta Claws Letter wrote:

Aye, Slaves will be mules and help us to reign death from afar. It's true that occasional a couple dozens of them explode or burn to death, a small price to pay for our victory!
But furthermore. Zhanta Claws spoke out a challenge which has been heard! Not by just one but even three of you!
Thank you @xaby86, @BondageGoatZombie and @trulyelse. It's been a pleasure for him!

Zhanta Claws wrote:

Whipping your slaves like a meek Vassal
going so far to give me a hassle!
Mechanical precision is what you seek
but are you able to keep up with this beat?

You curse me? Come on Overlord, step up your game
Do you know who you're talking to ? Say my name!
I'm Zhanta Claws! I am the FLAME of infinite fame
you can't keep up with my aim
I'm not going to be tame
in fact, I will be your bane !

Three times three was my answer at first
not stilling your infinite thirst
now in a rap battle we are submersed
You made me the accursed

You have the power of three
Yet, do not expect me to flee
Nor will I bend the knee
Nonetheless, you earned by respect - I'll hear your plea

If you must know the unveiled truth
remember, back to your youth
the various ways of death reigning down from a far
short ranged lava, turning skin and bones to nothing but char
multiple rockets flying through the air - imagine it you must see this vision
killing Ogres, monsters and dragons alike with deadly precision
Last but not least, let's not forget our mortar
not as specialised, but with it's long range in any army a welcome supporter

These weapons are brought into battle in the usual way
by our stationary artillery long shooting them into the fray
a smaller version, easily handheld by a team
making all our enemies scream
And last - mounted on an Infernal Engine - our glory
coming it all it's sizes, you know it's gonna be gory

Different ammunition can be used for every shell
as we like to give our enemies hell
taking essence of one of the Kadim
we fullfilled ourselves a dream
as master of flames and divine fire
it's easy to start a pyre

And we know what to do
in times we are just few
the enemy comes in not dwindling waves
we send them by thousand to their graves
well made ammunition is able to scatter
hitting more than one foe, as on impact they shatter

The last one we like to bring
any battle may very well swing
I'm not talking about a weapon, the vassal's sling
but the third ammunition with it's peculiar sting
The Veil, getting pierced and drained
everyone hit, getting feeble brained
Foes are known to run away
How'd you like this giveaway?

Disclaimer: All of this is of course subject to change. @Zhanta Claws is not official part of the T9A background.

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Hail Zhanta Claws!
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