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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Blonde Beer,

Get your news on with the latest issue of the 9th Scroll!

4 – The Workshop of Zalaman Tekash
We show off some of the new units and options in the up coming Infernal Dwarf Legendary Army Book!
6 – Ask the Sage
Another installment from our venerable scholar, enlightening the intrepid about the wider world of the 9th Age.
8 – The Fight for Avras
An introduction to our global 9th Age narrative campaign.
25 – Equitaine Heraldry Contest Results
King Henry has chosen two loyal Knights to join the royal court!
27 – Army Showcase: Knights of the Black Tower Sabious shares his inspiration behind his KoE army
And how he went about making his pennants.
35 – Army Showcase: The 48th Foot
An EoS Army Showcase from master painter, Nemeroth.
46 – Raging Heroes Product Review
I take a look at some of the top range models on the market.
48 – Basic Unit Construction
DanT returns with some valuable list building advice.
51 – Flying Bases, Terrain and Unit Fillers
A simple tutorial to make use of old sprues.
56 – Be Careful What You Fish For
A prize-winning diorama!
58 – Centaur of Attention
Another successful Kickstarter for your perusa

Final Editor’s Note:
Please give feedback on the update Scroll/layout on the 9th Scroll Feedback Thread (General Discussion).

You can find the file on our download page or right here:

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