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Von Calisson,

Great news for all players who need (or just like) printed copies.
Uthegen has taken care of your needs: All Armybooks and the Arcane Compendium are now available in version 2020.
Here is where you may find them:

Core rules:
Armybooks 2020

EDIT: for those who want printed cards, it is not done through Amazon. Please follow this link to Professionally printed Magic cards.

Additional information:
When a book is updated, the links and ISBN stays the same. The new version just replaces the old one.
The only exception is the Arcane Compendium as the year is included in the subtitle. Therefore this will be a new ISBN and a new link.

Thank you @Uthegen for your hard work, it has proven useful already aplenty, and will remain more so in 2020 and beyond!

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