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Von Calisson,

Hi, all T9A aficionados!

This News is to explain you our new way of naming the various versions of a document.

Why change?
We have realized that the version tags associated with successive versions of our rules and army books lack consistency at times, and may create some confusion about what is compatible with what.
Now that we're out of beta for most of our documents, it seems to be a good time to think about a more robust system, which would happen to be closer to industry's standard practice and therefore benefit from tons of lessons learned.

What do we need?
We want a system which tells clearly which game we are talking about (Fantasy Battles is our main game, but other games such as Quick Starter exist already, and more may come).
For Fantasy Battles, the most important need is to explain which rule set the document is meant to work with, that means with which edition of the rulebook the document is compatible with. All documents compatible with each other should be clearly tagged so.
Then, many documents may get a yearly update without changing the version of the rulebook. Or they may skip that yearly update.
Additionally, beta releases have shown to stick around for many months and they need a solid versioning as well.
Finally, translated documents have their own life.

So how do we achieve all these goals?

New version tag for T9A products:
  • The file name for a document would look like this:

  • The document itself would show, just after the name:
E edition, version YYYY(.V)(_beta_B)(_LANGUAGE’TAG'_L)

  • On the Download page, it would be shortened and only the bare minimum would be shown:

  • Eed is for the relevant Rulebook version with which it is compatible. E is the number of the Edition; currently E = 2. It is not planned to have any change of E, for years.
  • YYYY is for the yearly balance wave number. It is a 4 digit number telling the year the balance wave has been made for. The version which will be played for most of this year is YYYY = 2020. Next year, YYYY = 2021, etc.
    Exception: documents that don't have any need for yearly balance (mostly non army books supplements) skip the year and instead have a version, V. For these books with no yearly update, YYYY = V.
  • V is the number of the book's version (within the current balance wave if applicable), starting with 1. It can be omitted if it is 1. It is incremented when rules and/or points change in this book only. So, when a reworked book gets out of beta, when we find a really broken thing that must be updated before the next wave, or when a book out of the balance waves gets updated. As a result, usually, V does not exist except for books with no yearly update.
  • (_beta’B) is optional: it is only used when a book is in beta status, i.e. mainly at the beginning of a balance wave or when reworking a book. B is a number for major changes (rules and points), starting with 1, and the number must always appear after beta. So, first B = beta1, next B = beta2, etc.
    Sometimes, “beta” can be changed to “alpha” instead, if we want a pre-beta.
  • The language tag is the two-letter international country code, EN for English etc. It must always appear in the file name, it may be skipped in the download section since files are already sorted by language. L is a number, starting with 0, for very minor hotfixes. Layout, typos, mistakes, wording, removal of blue, it can happen anytime. When L is omitted, it means that it is version 0. Each language follows its own life, which means that EN2 may be translated by FR3 and IT1.
  • For documents related to other games than Fantasy Battles, the same principle is adapted as needed.
  • T9A-FB_2ed_Rulebook_EN.pdf is the current Rulebook version, and with no initials, it's one exception to this versioning system.
    On the Downloads page, it appears with the tag 2ed_EN.
    If we have to update a new version with some rewording, new layout, typo hunting, it will become T9A-FB_2ed_Rulebook_EN1.pdf, and it will get the download tag 2ed_EN1. Note that in this case, the related army books won't need to be changed, it is still the same edition.
  • T9A-FB_2ed_BH_2020_beta2_EN.pdf is the current BH version, and the tag on the download page can be reduced to 2020_beta2.
    It will become T9A-FB_2ed_BH_2020_EN.pdf when we get out of beta (with the download tag 2020).
    If we find an annoying typo after a few weeks, we can release T9A-FB_2ed_BH_2020_EN1.pdf (with the download tag 2020_EN1).
  • ID will be T9A-FB_2ed_ID_2020_EN.pdf in a few weeks (with the tag 2ed_2020_EN).
    When the reworked ID gets out, it will become T9A-FB_2ed_ID_2020-2_beta1_EN.pdf (with the download tag 2020.2_beta1).
    Once out of beta, if still in 2020, it will become T9A-FB_2ed_ID_2020-2_EN.pdf (with the download tag 2020.2).
  • The Games of Zagjan should be released with the file name T9A_TheGamesOfZagjan_1_alpha1_EN.pdf (with the download tag 1_alpha1).
    Once out of alfa and beta, it will become T9A_TheGamesOfZagjan_1_EN.pdf.
    If we want a new version, it will become T9A_TheGamesOfZagjan_2_EN.pdf.

Visual examples:
Front page of a book:
  • Current BH in beta:

  • BH once out of beta:

  • Current status of the Scenarios book:

When to download/print a new version:
  • As a casual player, if you're not interested in subtle balance changes, you need only to check the edition tag, i.e. 2ed. Yes, that’s cool, all 2nd edition books are playable with each other, no matter how recent or how old. This said, when a new army book gets out, it can be interesting to look into it, as it completely changes the book's game mechanics. But it is not an absolute necessity and if you liked the previous version, you can still play with it against opponents using more recent versions; you and your opponents will only find that the balance may be slightly off. So, if you play only a few games per year, no hassle, keep your old army book until the 3rd edition is released (and that is not before many, many years).
  • A "tournament" player, or a casual player looking for some freshness in its lists, should watch for the whole version tag. The last (L) is only to get the best wording/layout/typo-free/no-blue, so it's really optional to download it, let alone to print it.

When does it start ?
We will apply the new versioning on all future documents, starting with the next release.
Also, we intend hopefully to update all our documents in the following weeks to comply with it.

By the way…
While writing this news, a couple of hints were spoiled, which most of you have noted, for sure.
  • Yearly balance:
Indeed, the balance review, where modified point costs and rectified bits of rules may alter subtly the balance of your favorite army, should not happen more than once per year. That’s a decision! Actually, that was the crucial decision needed to make this new versioning possible.

  • The Games of Zagjan.
Ah ha? What can that be? Tease, tease, this one, I'll leave you to speculate until it arrives.
When? Well... it's ready when it's ready.

T9A Team.
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