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Von Blonde Beer,

The first month of our Painting league is over, and here are the first images from our hobby heroes showcasing their work.
You can find the rest in our forum (link) and feel free to join the league!

@Arjelte is our first example, with his cool looking eagles.

@Hillbilly Carl finished his blue boogey boys!

@Kdownunder is still a painting machine!

@Promet is also cranking out a lot of green stuff!

@Boomvalk is plugging away at his chariot!

@'mad 'at' finished this classic masterpiece.

@'Wasteland Warrior' is keeping true to his name and brings us some wasteland warriors!

@Theokrit is bringing his deamons from the painting table to the gaming table!

@Sabious brings us this gem!

Desmoze didn't finish this one officially, but I really wanted to share i!

@Desmoze did finish these ones though!

One addendum, we finished our join the team page. Check it out here!
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