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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

We received this week a series of updates and news from various companies.
We're spoiled!

HE buildings kickstarter by FW3D closes to the end
UPDATE: help us finalize the "TOR AZUR" project.
We have made the "STRETCH GOAL" more accessible and the goal is for them to be unlocked

Initial post:
Hello, Here is our Kickstarter of Elven Printed Buildings and Buildings (see Printed and Painted). The decorations are compatible with all sets of figurines from 24 to 32mm.
Here is the link:

Join us
- Fantasy Workshop 3D
Fomorian kickstarter by Krakon Games
I have another KS running with some Fomorians and 3 sculpts that'd fit in other armies (Centaur, demon, Elf/Lizard mount).…orian-miniatures-make-100

Sculptor for Hire!
Classic style fantasy miniatures
Krakon Games
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