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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

Hi, all T9A fans.
You know the efforts made by @piteglio to create Veil of the Ages as an entry game to help T9A.
Well, his ambitions for T9A keep growing, as you can see below.
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Our game deserves more visibility!

As you'll have seen from the last News announcement, we are ready to bring T9A in homes, clubs and stores across the entire globe. We'll start small and easy, with heroic duels in the Arena. But fear not: soon the conflict will be scaled up to an entire battlefield, with hundreds of models, in the usual 4500pts format you know and love. To get there, however, we need your help. If we want to put up an effective outreach operation, there is a lot of work to do - and you can help us with your donations. That's why on Valentine's Day we'll start a crowdfunding campaign on Patreon.

What's Patreon, you ask? It's like Kickstarter, or any other platform where you can contribute to a project. The difference is that with Patreon you can also contribute on a month-by-month basis. Which is exactly what we need to keep the Arena growing into a full-fledged battlefield! Even a single tiny contribution of 2$ can help us gain visibility, and hopefully start a snowball effect that will finally turn T9A into the planetary success it deserves to be. But you can also contribute because you want to help us decide how the Arena should look and play. We are open to discuss art and rules with those of you who wish to do so. We always have - since the good old times of the QuickStarter Gallery Contests, or the Arena Kitting Contests. It's your choice: help us a bit, or help us a lot. But if you love this game, consider investing into its growth, with us. If you want to see a preview of our campaign, you can visit this link.

We often read on these forums that "we should do more", "we need to get into stores", "our player base is not expanding", "the competition is rough", "we need to take YouTube by storm", "we should have greater social media presence", "T9A deserves more visibility". Well, our campaign aims to do precisely this: show T9A to the world. We want to collect funds by giving a free game to the hundreds of thousands players of Tabletop Simulator, and by advertising it to the million users of Patreon. We will reuse part these funds to make quality videos so we can reach the bazillion people on YouTube, and another part to fund the publication of books to send into the stores of the whole world. And, in the process, we will create a beautiful videogame you can play for free, give you free print-at-home cards for your units and spells, and share free miniature designs for those who have a 3D printer.

Below you'll find a little excerpt of the information provided on the Patreon page, in FAQ form.
For feedback and discussion, you're always welcome to post in our VotA blog open thread.

What are my options?
- you can make a one-time donation from as little as 2$, and help us gain visibility
- you can become a long-term supporter and make a monthly donation
- you can stop supporting us any time you want with a simple click, no questions asked!

What am I contributing to, exactly?
- in the first two weeks, your donations will help us release our free videogame
- from March on, your donations will allow us to create at least a new model each month.

What do I get in return?
- depending on your donations, you can be credited in the game and/or influence its future
- you could decide which models are created, how they look, and which options they have
- our models are made available to everybody. You will be helping those who cannot contribute themselves. For those of you who think this is a small thing, trust me... it's not : )

Why should I be excited and tell my friends about this?
- donations help us unlock goals you can benefit from, like upgrades for the videogame
- some upgrades are quite tangible, like printable cards and printable miniatures!
- more donors means a nicer Arena, with more players to meet and play with (or against)
- we release the game for free because we want to share the fun... don't you?

Do I need a copy of Tabletop Simulator to play the videogame?
- yes you do: we can distribute our expansion for free, but you will still need the main game
- it's like giving you the PDF version of a card game... you should still have access to a printer!
- depending on retailers and group offers, a lifetime license could cost as little as 8$
- you can get Tabletop Simulator here.

For Beginners: Where can I learn more about this game?
- the Beginner route to the west of the Arena contains all you need!
- you can download the advanced rules for T9A from the Ninth Age website
- you can also learn by watching gameplay videos on our youtube channel.

For Experts: Arena duels are cute, but I'm only into large 4500-point battles...
...and we know you're not alone! That's why we keep adding gladiators every month. Once all factions are represented by at least one gladiator, we will focus on one faction at a time and create playable armies. You'll get to play both private games and international virtual tournaments. If you are a top-tier competitive player, think of how much more easily you could play against the masters from Poland, Germany or Spain... and you'd be welcome to do so on our YouTube channel, so everybody can drool at your tactical prowess and make Kuulima happy with their envy! ; )

King: Crosslances (sculpt, paint), Mitchell Nolte (concept)
Marshal: Signum Games (sculpt), Adaephon_Delat (paint)
Terrain: Little Joe (sculpt, paint)
Path of the Exiled: Avatars of War (art)
Tree Singing: Thomas Karlsson (art)
Grail Oath: Marcos24 (art)
Spear of Infinity: Lucas Svedberg (art)
Guerriers des Dieux Sombres: The Ninth Age teams

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