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Von Blonde Beer,

Its a new month, so lets share the latest updates from the people that joined our painting league 2020!

Kdownunder wrote:

I have been doing quite a lot of R&F lately and really needed a break so I took the big one from Slaves to Darkness box. I decided to put him on 50x75 and added magnetized insert to be able to run it as on Chimera. Other than small touches to the Axe, I call it done!

tunasandwichify wrote:

Finished my Chosen Lord and a Knight Champ. Using the new GW Slaves to darkness kit. Love those models! :D

Desmoze wrote:

I said the last month that i was about to finish him ! Now it's done ! :D

Hillbillycarl wrote:

Blonde Beer wrote:

Flyboy :).

Mad wrote:

Finished 20 Rat-at-Arms during the second half of the month:

If you want to join in the fun, just go to our subforum and start a topic!
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