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Von Calisson,

Our teams do a fantastic job to deliver a series of rules, supplements, articles and games aids, etc.
Once this is completed, there is more work which can start for other teams.
Thanks to them, our game is translated in many languages, for the sake of bringing T9A joy to more players.

So far, it has been done (by alphabetical order) in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
(If you did not know, these translations can be found near the end of the Download page on the Forum - rather than the Download page on the website proper.)

This week is a big day for another linguistic community: for the first time, the BRB has been translated in Russian.
The BRB has been published last Tuesday in "beta" Russian version of the BRB : ссылка
  • This epic work was done by the following people:
    Draft: Lord Velard
    Editing and proofreading: Ghiznuk, Kaitin, Kungaru
    Brainstorming: Alkasar, Porw, LD74, klp, Gerfax, Happy Aspid, Flam, and other people on the forum and in the VK group.
  • This version of the rules integrated directly all the modifications from the various Errata documents. So it's not exactly the same rules that the English text, which is stuck in 2.0 and requires the errata.
  • A lot of English text was kept in brackets for ease of reference if, for example, an international player needs to find in his Russian rulebook the corresponding rule or term in English.
  • This is still a "beta" version: the translation team is waiting for feedback from the community before setting up all the internal links, fixing page numbers and the Table of Contents. Also, pictures weren't translated yet.
  • Once glossary is set once and for all and collected in one document, the translation team will seriously start attacking the Army Books ; (old) Infernal Dwarves and Kingdom of Equitaine are basically already done, but many words in their text need to be updated because of glossary changes.
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