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Von Calisson,

Hi, all T9A fans.

More and more shops and clubs are shut around the world, for the sake of slowing down the Covid-19 spread.
Whole countries prohibit even going to a friend's home and play a game.

If you live in an area where social activity is prevented in that way, please, respect the prohibition.
The prohibition will help you not to catch the illness,
but even more importantly, it will prevent you to spread it too fast for the health system to cope with.


This has consequences on T9A.
There is probably more demand for social activity, when cafés, discotheques and cinemas are closed.
People are looking for something to do, which will evade them from current difficulties.
But it becomes close to impossible to play a physical game.
Casual players cannot anymore meet their friends for a beer and pretzel game.
Competitive players will see their training level drop and their competitive events cancelled.

As many players are stuck home and prevented to meet their usual partners in clubs or shops,
at a moment when you need an activity to evade your mind from not-so-happy news,
what can be done with T9A?

Here is a thread for all of you to suggest good ideas to other people in similar situations.
How to paint when your pot is dry and the shop is closed?
How to play on the Internet with your usual partner?
How to practice your game and not lose your skill?
How to plan to organize an event when you don't know if the lock town will last two weeks or four months?
Is there any activity you may undertake solo, such as Homebrew?

Please share your ideas in that thread: How to benefit from T9A through Covid-19 epidemics
Thank you.
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