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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

Hi, T9A fans!

First, an announcement by Piteglio about the Arena, a game online.
the Arena - a game online by Veil of the Ages
When it's difficult to go to a club and play a game with your friends, you wish you had a good T9A videogame to play.
When people stay home and are more open to learning your favourite game, you wish you had some good tools to teach it.
Well, we just released a free extension for the computer game Tabletop Simulator.

It contains:
- a Beginner section, to teach the basics of T9A to a new friend (shooting, charging, fighting, moving, terrain).
- an Advanced section, with ~500pts gladiators from six factions, for you to play in epic duels between special characters.

I've been working for a year on this mod, and since last month I had many supporters who are helping me to keep the Arena alive, under development, and free.
You can join them at

But in this time I've also received help from many friends with miniatures and playtesting. You can play your part by becoming a patron, but also by using the game to "spread T9A" among your friends. Or you can join us on instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube and help us (and T9A!) gain a bit more visibility by commenting, liking, sharing, and leaving your (hopefully positive!) review.

if things go well, in a few months we could be ready to play full 4500pts battles, online, in 3D, and for free.

PS: Besides my beloved patrons (Bertrand, Francesco, Daniel, Ema, Johan, Kevin, Marcel, Simon, Tom, and my two favourite ladies), deepest gratitude goes to friends from this forum (LittleJoe, joel127, Marcos24, Karak Norn Clansman, Manacerace, Klexe, as well as HyperG, LuckySixes, Remy77077, Chack, Grouchy Badger, Ayuvelon, OhTheIrony) and from outside (Admiralty Miniatures, Crosslances, Titan-Forge, Unlimited Colours and L'Atelier de Torek). this really is a community effort - so don't be shy and join in!
Follows an impressive Sphinx, which UD fans will probably more, possibly their opponents a bit less so. Finally, for a couple of hours only, a coupon for trays.
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Please like and share.

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