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Von Klepa,

Dear marks valued customers,

Now is a busy time for Klepa and Fleabag, so best to give me all your money now, and purchase the finest of goods (no returns).

The time of Zagjan approaches, and our orc cousins compete in great games to give praise to the god of their strength. And of course, someone has to be there to make sure all of the bets are fair. No putting 'shrooms in the stew on accident, no grease on axe handles, and no ginger in the boar's... I mean, I heard people do that, I know nothing...

I'll bring you all back some teeth as soup-veneers, only the best for my buyers. And the Games are a good chance for me to stock up. Best prices when I get back - don't even think about buying from Bernard the Befouled.

If you want to know more about the Games, you can find it here - good price for my favourites!

Now, time to go support the Flat Noses!


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