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Von Blonde Beer,

Dear Community,

So, I'm sure most of you realised the date of yesterday's little round of army book updates. April 1st can mean anything can be turned upside down...

But we know those giant designs were entertaining and many people enjoyed speculating about using them on the table. So, here's the rest of the surprise!

We have used the giant designs, plus some new background related to giants, to create a supplement. As with all our supplements, it isn't balanced for tournament play yet, but it is official, intended to be enjoyable, and we hope some events will make use of the book. We will do futher updates on the book after some community playtesting.

The new background material gives more insight into giants - they are an important part of the setting.
Those encountered in other armies are the youngsters, travelling the world and learning from new friends. Now we get to see what they make of the people they meet less frequently - what does an elf or a dwarf do with a giant?
The next update of this document will also include background pieces for the other Giants as well, and more!

Here is your chance to find out! Have fun!

(PS We will update the download pages for this new supplement, but for now, use the above file).
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