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Von Blonde Beer,

A bit later than usual, but with a nice new showcase of the painting league and it's progress.

If you want to join in with the fun, just start a blog in the forum, showing what ever you have painted this month!

First up, @Promet with his Pigs of War!

Then we have our painting machine, @Kdownunder

And finished painting my Forest Dragon.

Then we have @Eisenhans

@ToDD is showcasing this awesome conversion!

@Theokrit is rocking his Scourge!

And his Hoarders, that he thankfully didn't hoard away! ;)

@WastelandWarrior is bringing out his Saurians!

Then we have our own @'Mad 'At'!

@Hillbilly Carl is also rocking the SA!

And rounding up, we have @Manxol!

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